Andy Beck is a devoted writer, musician, composer and multilinguist. His first short novel, Folk Springs Eternal, focuses on traditional Irish and Scottish music, whose joy and romance captured his heart many years ago. The book also explores Andy’s belief that each and every one of us has a story; a deeper passion that can guide us on a journey of self-discovery and growth towards the life we really want.

In his twenties, Andy struggled to break the mental hold that the scripted, 9-to-5 lifestyle has on many of us. Now, Andy works a job with reduced hours, which pays the bills but frees up the time and energy required for his literary and musical output. His writing conveys a positive, yet practical message to assist others in finding their own passion, breaking personal boundaries and getting the right people on their side.

Andy and his amazing wife Kerstin split their time between Glasgow, Scotland and Maidstone, England. Andy is open for speaking engagements, folk music performances, freelance composing and written content. Please use the Contact page to discuss ideas, terms and rates.

Andy Beck (born 1986) originally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from the University of Bristol. In his final year of study, he took part in a creative writing competition, and won a work placement in Berlin, Germany. In 2010, he moved to the German capital and joined two bands playing Irish folk music. His songwriting efforts helped one of them to win a “Newcomer Award” at a German folk festival in 2014.

He has since composed dozens of songs and played scores of live music gigs, both as a folk artist in Germany and a rock drummer in his native England. He has perfect pitch hearing, shows a keen interest in the history of the Celtic countries, and is furthering his linguistic endeavours in 2020 by embarking on learning his third foreign language – Scottish Gaelic!


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