Folk Springs Eternal [hardcover]

Folk Springs Eternal [hardcover]


Released: August 31st 2020


Folk Springs Eternal is the exciting debut novel from Andy Beck. About four ordinary individuals with a strong passion, and the courage to pursue it.





“Four musicians had a dream. Their success will help you find yours.”

Gus, Lin, Herman and Rash are four talented musicians playing Irish and Scottish music with a punk twist. They’re nonconformists who’ve found their passion, but how will they make their dreams of big success a reality? Especially when scepticism, hostility and even physical violence are to beset their path?

The band must either persevere through the fire and emerge victorious . . . or fail and self-destruct among the flames. This stirring and suspenseful musical ride will appeal to all nonconformists, especially those with their own burning passion and the courage to pursue it. An action plan at the end of the book equips readers with the tools needed to find success and to withstand setbacks and failures.


Reasons to read

  • Discover how four folk musicians find success, and start earning enough to make a living;
  • Learn that the story is written not only for musicians, but for anyone with a burning passion;
  • Begin your own journey, by taking proven steps to do what you love and find success;
  • Realise that it’s okay to suffer setbacks and failures along the way!

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 8 in


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